Happy New Year!

For SWE, the year starts July 1st.  We do elections in late Spring/early Summer at the National, Regional and Local levels to select a new group of officers to lead the organization.  Over the summer, we re-energize and plan for the upcoming year – professional development, outreach, networking, social and technical events.  It’s a challenge every year to find a group of professional women with demanding careers and busy family lives to lead this volunteer organization but somehow our nominating committee does just that.  Sometimes it takes a little negotiation and cajoling, but we all recognize that supporting women in engineering of all ages and stages of career is important to all of us.  We know this is important to you too and hope that you are making a new year’s resolution to be more involved this year.  Watch this blog, our website and your email to find opportunities to be a part of this great organization all year long.