How can professional organizations get the most out of social media?

Is it too late to revisit sessions I attended at the Region conference back in February?  Hopefully you will indulge me.  I attended a session on using social media in SWE publicity.  This is one area where I envy the collegiate sections.  Their entire population is comfortable with social media and use it practically every aspect of their lives.

We opted to transition from a periodic newsletter to this blog.  The thought was that it would enable us to communicate with the membership more frequently and allow for a two-way conversation.  So I’m encouraging you all to talk back.  Let us know what you want to hear about.  Let us know events that you’d like to see SWE organize.  Pretend you are of an age that you can’t remember a time before email, texts, blogs and the term “social networking”.  What blogs do you follow?  Who do you follow on twitter?  Talk to me baby!