National Center for Women & Information Technology Summit

Thankfully, SWE isn’t the only organization out there that supports women in industries where they are significantly underrepresented.  One of our sister organizations is the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT).  They are hosting a summit in Chicago May 22 – 24 for which SWE is the local host as our National Headquarters is here in Chicago.

The best part about this summit is that it is free!  Participants have the opportunity to attend flash talks and workshops related to women in IT and of course it will be a great chance to network.  I’m planning to attend at least one day so you can look forward to hearing more about it here.  The workshop that looks most interesting to me is “How Job Ads Can Reinforce or Undermine the Status Quo”.  This is something that never occurred to me, but it’s not terribly surprising that it could be a factor.  Have I peaked your interest?  Will I see you at the summit?