Regionals Recap – Part 1

It’s been a few weeks since the Region H conference up in Madison, WI.  Conferences are such an energizing experience for me.  I inevitably meet interesting people, attend thought-provoking sessions and get inspired to do an try new things in SWE.  The day started with breakfast and bids to host next year’s conference which means fun things on the table to try to sway our votes.  I enjoyed the m&ms, Hershey kisses and Playdough.  I generally vote based on location, which would have meant Purdue but Michigan Tech put together such a great presentation I found myself wanting to go to the Upper Peninsula in February.  Ultimately the University of Minnesota won the 2013 conference.  I’m hoping for as mild of a day next year.  During a break we wandered around the capitol.  They were having a cross country skiing competition.  Sadly there was no snow so they actually had to truck it in to create a man-made track around the capitol building.  Surely an engineer was involved in that process somewhere!  Perhaps even one of the engineers at the conference!

Stay tuned for more about the conference in the coming days!