How do you say thank you?

Do you send thank you notes after you interview with someone?  I’m pretty sure I sent notes for my current job, but I know I haven’t done it for every position I’ve ever interviewed for.  Certainly not when I was interviewing in college.  I guess now that I think about it, I am more diligent about it when I am more interested in the job.

I’ve done my fair share of interviewing too – college students and seasoned professionals.  I always appreciated getting notes, but I don’t think it in any way influenced my decision on the candidate – primarily because I make that decision right after the interview.  I kind of feel like it was the weaker candidates who were more likely to send notes.  It’s also a little creepy to get a note from someone you did not give your contact information to.  I guess it shows a certain level of initiative to guess your email address, and it isn’t hard these days, but still.  If you really want to send me a note, ask for my card.

So I’m not sure I agree with the Managing Editor of Business Insider who says you absolutely must send a thank-you note electronically.  Do you?

One thought on “How do you say thank you?

  1. I’ve heard it is convention to send thank you notes/letters post-interview, however, it is somewhat weird to think that people are seeking out your contact information without you handing it out.

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