Engineers Week for Kids!

You know how there are those events you hear about year after year and you never get around to doing because you’re too busy or its too far away or you’d rather be lazy?  And then you finally try it and you think to yourself, why did I wait so long?  That was my experience at the DuPage Area Engineers Week event at IIT this weekend.  First of all, there were tons of people there, which reassures me about the future of engineers and engineering innovations in this country.  Secondly, there were some awesome engineers (including SWE members) sharing their love for their careers which always inspires me.

SWE had a room where kids made and tested four different types of paper airplanes to earn their wings.  We also had a booth in the hall to encourage the kids to talk to the engineers by doing a Scavengineer Hunt.  All the kids said they learned something interesting and I had several parents tell me how great it was.  It was fun to see the kids turn to their parents and say, I can interview you!  That’s how I knew which moms to try to recruit to be involved with SWE!  Added bonus!

I’m definitely going to block my calendar for next year’s EWeek celebration!  I will also remember to bring a camera and some cards to hand out to moms about SWE.  Will you join me?