And finally we get to the third A – Achieve.  I get the logical progression – you aspire to something, you advance toward it and then you finally achieve it.  I think that you go through this cycle many times in your career, not just once.  In my old job, I feel I had achieved a certain degree of expertise and I was providing leadership to a team.  I’d achieved the respect of my coworkers and visibility throughout the company through my activities with the Women’s Network and Green Team.

And then I quit my job and started over again at a new place.  I have to figure out what my new/revised aspirations are.  Then I will plot my path of advancement and hopefully eventually achieve  expertise on my product or our technology or area of the business – I’m not sure what I’m aiming for yet.  But what I do know is that the women I’ve met through SWE will be there to support me and help me continue to grow by putting on great programs and providing me opportunities to build my skills outside the office.

What have you achieved through SWE?