The second word in SWE’s tagline is Advance.  I could clearly see how SWE helped me to advance in college.  Even as one of the few women in computer science graduating in the heyday of 2000, there is no way I would have had as many job opportunities without the extensive leadership experience I gained in SWE – as Long Range Planning Director and Web Developer.  Even failing to be elected as President taught me valuable lessons and helped me to advance in other areas of my life.  If I hadn’t lost the SWE election, I would never have run for Engineering Council President and I would have missed out on the opportunity to speak at my graduation!

As a professional, I’m less concerned with racking up the officer positions and looking good on paper (though that was more of a fabulous side effect than the reason I was involved in SWE).  SWE is helping me to advance by building my professional network and broadening my knowledge.  I don’t know where that will enable me to advance to, but I’m looking forward to getting there!

How has SWE helped you to advance in your career, life, experience and knowledge?