Great Companies for Leaders

CNN recently listed the top 25 companies for leaders.  My favorite was Procter and Gamble.  Every single CEO of P&G started at an entry-level position.  I wonder if P&G will be able to sustain this habit as it continues to be less and less common to stick with one company for your entire career.

My former company used to devote a lot of resources to training for employees, technical and soft skills/leadership.  I appreciated the opportunity to take part in some of that training, but I ultimately left the company because of the horrific management and leaders I had to work under.  I guess it just goes to show the system isn’t perfect.

From what I’ve seen so far, my new company does not have as much structure in place for training and development though they do have an identification process that allows you to be exposed to inside information and senior leaders.  You give up things like that at smaller companies.  The majority of the companies on CNN’s top 25 were well-known.  Can small companies be as successful and systematic at growing leaders as the big ones?

What does your company due to nurture leaders and potential leaders?

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