Unlimited Vacation

A common theme that keeps popping up on the top stories on LinkedIn is unique benefits. I read an article today promoting four day work weeks.  But the one that was even more appealing was about unlimited vacation.  I’d take either or both certainly.  My company seems to be bucking the trends and discouraging working from home and instituting a stricter dress code.  I was a little shocked at the casualness of dress when I first joined, but I adapted a bit too well perhaps.  It is certainly easier to go more casual than more formal.  Do my dressing habits indicate how I would respond to unlimited vacation?  Would I take advantage?  Maybe.  I generally like my job, but I can usually think of other ways to occupy my time.

Do you have any unique or interesting benefits at your company?  Do you take advantage of it?  What benefit do you wish you had?

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One thought on “Unlimited Vacation

  1. I would love unlimited vacation! I wouldn’t mind the dress code necessarily, and 4 day work weeks would be nice, except for how long those days would be when I have to come home and sit in class for 3.5 hours, but other than that, who doesn’t like 3 day weekends! I do suspect I’d find myself working a lot with an unlimited vacation plan though- especially while on vacation. That, I think, would even be ok with me as long as I could still travel!

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