Title IX

You may think of Title IX only in the context of sports in school.  Guys resent it because their swim team got cut so the girls could have a field hockey team or some such thing.  Girls see it as poor compensation for the amount of money typically showered on football teams.  Until recently that’s all I thought it was.  But then I signed up for the SWE Government Relations and Public Policy committee.  SWE has official position statements on Title IX; Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education; and Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.  We have a part-time representative in Washington, DC.  Members of the GRPP committee visit their local government officials to encourage them to support legislation in line with our position statements and that advance the goals of SWE and its members.  The long term goal of all this work is for SWE to be the STEM gender equity power broker at the federal level.

Have I peaked your interest?  On Friday, January 6, you have the opportunity to converse via Twitter with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan at 3pm CST.  The event is sponsored by the American Association of University Women in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Title IX.  Check it out!