Resolve to Learn

I’ve come up with another resolution I’d like to make but am afraid I can’t keep:

Take advantage of free, online learning

Now certainly this can’t get much easier.  I can do it at home, on the couch, in my pjs.  And they keep adding new content all the time.  (If it comes from MIT, it must be good, right?)  It can’t get any less expensive.  The laptop is a sunk cost and I’m willing to pay for internet for a lot less noble causes like keeping up with facebook.  But it’s kind of like cleaning.  I can always come up with things I’d rather be doing.  I read the article about pursuit and I believe in the concept, but making it a priority is not easy.  And I don’t have anyone to hold me accountable.  Maybe you will?  It could be a rich source for blogging content.  Stay tuned!

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