Professors are real people too

This year I was asked to be on the Alumni Advisory Board for my undergrad department.  I didn’t really know what I was getting into, except that it seemed a good way to stay involved with my school.  I wasn’t one of the people in college who got to know their professors very well.  I didn’t hang out at office hours.  I didn’t do any research.  I was a grader for a couple of classes, but I went to a big enough school that I really only interacted with the graduate assistants responsible for the classes.  So maybe some of the rest of you already knew this, but professors are real people!  And they are genuinely interested in the well-bring of their students!  Some of them even have better business sense that people I work with in the corporate world.  The professors at my alma mater are looking for ways to make freshman classes less intimidating to people who haven’t been programming since they were 4.  They are looking for ways to make the department financially self-sufficient in this era of decreased government funding.  They are working with departments across the University to build unique degree programs.

I’m lucky to have gotten this inside view and now I can be even more of an advocate for my favorite university.  I wish I would have taken the time to get to know these people better when I was on campus!  What have you learned about your school since leaving?