I read an article on Forbes.com today about pursuit – the most essential leadership quality according to the author.  It’s not pursuit of any one thing, but the act of pursuing something with focus and intention that sets people apart.  Pursuit as a leader is a collective activity.  You need to share your passion for what you are pursuing and get others to buy in and join you.

The biggest thing I’ve been pursuing recently is a deal.  It is the holiday shopping season after all.  I’ve not been pursuing it the extent that I can become a leader.  I leave that to the master deal bloggers out there, but it still gives me a rush when I get a great deal.  I’m having a hard time identifying my top pursuits.  Perhaps that means I have too many pursuits.  As 2011 winds down and we all consider making resolutions for 2012, I will challenge myself and you to identify your top pursuits and really pursue them this year to see what we can attain.  What’s at the top of your list?

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