You probably either love them or hate them – metrics.  I like to look at them, but I don’t like to generate them.  Perhaps part of the reason I don’t I hate generating them or providing data to people to generate them is because often we are not tracking the right things.

LinkedIn conveniently sends me a digest of popular articles and today they highlighted one from called Five New Management Metrics You Need to Know by Bruce Upbin.  And what are his top 5 things we should be tracking?

  1. Flow State Percentage (% of time you spend “in the zone”)
  2. The Anxiety-Boredom Continuum (stay close to but not all the way to anxiety)
  3. Meeting Promoter Score (rate your meetings’ value on a scale from 1 to 10)
  4. Compound Weekly Learning Rate (get 1% smarter every week)
  5. Positive Feedback Ratio (give 5X more positive feedback than negative feedback)

It may be hard to convince your management to pay attention to these items, but the great thing is that they are all things you can track for yourself as an individual as long as you are willing to deal with the chance that you may find out people think your meetings are useless.

I think I’ll try to start with #1.  It might be tricky to track your flow state percentage, as tracking that breaks up your flow even more, right?  I’m willing to give it a shot though.  Who’s with me?