I attended the Membership session at Conference and they shared a few interesting statistics.  Only 5% of female engineers are SWE members.  5%!  That’s practically nothing!  Think of all the potential members out there!  🙂  Of those few, proud SWE members, only 8% are leaders within their sections.  It’s something every section struggles with, how do you recruit members, and then once you have them on the roster, how do you get them engaged?

I try to make a point to invite my engineer friends and coworkers to events, at least at my old job I did.  At my new job, I’m no longer in an engineering/development role.  I interact with them, but in the three months I’ve been there, I haven’t gotten to know them well enough to evangelize about SWE.  Though really, how well do you have to know someone to invite them to an event for a professional organization?  On the other hand, last week I invited a woman I met at at alumni event to get involved in SWE.  She gave me her card and said she’d love to.  Now to channel that memory the next opportunity I have at work…

How do you spread the word about SWE?