Back to those Flaws in Strategic Thinking that I learned about at Conference.  In case you are keeping count, this is #5 – Anchoring.  This is pretty basic, it’s dropping anchor and stubbornly keeping yourself in place.  I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying, “The only thing constant is change.”  It’s hard to change direction or move on to new things when you’re being held in place by a big, heavy chain with a big, heavy weight on the end of it.  If that image isn’t enough to convince you to lighten up and keep moving, I have another that I saw frequently in Disneyland last week – a small child refusing to follow a parent by digging their heels in and screaming No!

I understand how hard it is to leave the Happiest Place on Earth or even just a place where you are comfortable, but standing still is generally not a great strategy.  So the next time someone with your best interests in mind gives you a tug, resist your inner child, pull up your anchor and follow them to see where it leads.