How many engineers does it take to cook a turkey?

I became an engineer because I like the exactitude of numbers.  Math problems typically have one answer.  I like knowing I’m done when I get to the solution.  You’d think then that I would apply the same structure and measurement to cooking.  But I don’t.  And it drives people that cook with me a little nuts.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially in savory food, but when baking it is generally in your best interest to stick to the recipe and ratios and whatnot.  I typically get away with it, which gives me justification for being even looser in my adherence to the recipe the next time.

What about you?  Do you cook like an engineer or an artist with wide brushstrokes?  Do you follow a recipe or interpret it?  Whichever way it is, best of luck on the biggest cooking day of the year!    Don’t worry, my business major sister will handle the baking.  I’ll play around with the stuffing and the side dishes.  Happy Thanksgiving!

One thought on “How many engineers does it take to cook a turkey?

  1. Totally don’t go by the recipe! I’m to the point (well not really but I like to think so) where I can go ‘man, some nutmeg would be great in here’ or ‘shoot, I should try some cilantro in here!’. That’s the fun in cooking!

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