So now what?

It’s only been a month, but Annual Conference seems so long ago. We planned and prepared for more than a year and it turned out marvelously. It was great to be involved in the process of picking tours and keynote speakers, coordinating volunteers and providing the hometown perspective. The conference itself was energizing. I shared ideas with lots of other women engineers and learned things I couldn’t wait to apply. But I think the really hard part starts after conference – following through.

So here is my attempt to follow through. I’d like to see our section utilize social media more effectively and I myself would like to engage more in this cultural revolution. I can’t promise to post everyday, but I will do my best to share some learnings from conference and other random thoughts and interesting things I come across. I hope that you will read, enjoy and maybe even comment. In particular, I’d love to hear about ways you are following through on your experiences from conference!

I’ll talk at you again soon!